Company Overview

VMLite is a silicon valley company dedicated in providing unique virtual machine technologies and products.  Our mission is to provide end users with an unbreakable, recoverable and parallel computing environment.

We are trying to solve this age-old problem: computer becomes slower and slower over time as junk accumulates. In order to make it to behave as a new computer again, the current solution is to first reformat the hard disk, and then perform a fresh installation of the operating system, device drivers and applications without keeping any user data. This task is very complicated and time consuming, so in practice it's rarely used by any users. We will provide a one-click solution: if your PC is slower, or contaminated with computer virus, spyware and rootkits, you can simply click a button to restore back to the fresh state, and your PC will be a new computer again.

Our unique technology is based on the seamless integration of system OS virtualization and application virtualization. We have built quite some products on top of this technology, and will roll out them over next few months.

VMLite is founded by Dr. Huihong Luo, a well known Windows/kernel guru for his Salamander .NET Decompiler/Obfuscator/Protector/MiniDeployment, Codase Source Code Search and other development tools. He holds PhD and MSEE degrees from Stanford, and worked at Oracle for a few years.