Aug-15-12 VMLite VNC Server for Android was released.

Dev-17-10 VBoot 1.1 was released, the main new features are listed as below:

  • Allow Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 2008 (32- and 64- bit) to boot from a virtual disk file in VHD/VMDK/VDI format.
  • Allow Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora) to boot from a virtual disk file in VHD/VMDK/VDI format.
  • Support differencing disks and snapshots, so instant recovery can be performed with a single click.

Aug-20-10 VMLite Version 3.2.6 was released, the main new features are listed as below:

  • USB Device Support - add native support for USB devices, such as USB Flash drives, USB Printer and scanners, USB webcams, iPhone, etc. Support OHCI and EHCI, USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
  • Single Virtual Application Mode - when a user starts vm applications from host Start menu, the applications will be put into this mode. Only these applications are displayed on the screen, and seamlessly integrated with host taskbar. This is very similar to Microsoft's virtual application mode.
  • Multiple access to single computer - allow two or more people to use the same physical computer at the same time by running separate virtual machines on separate monitors, USB keyboards and USB mouses.
  • System Tray Icon - VMLite Workstation now provides a tray icon to the host taskbar. You can quickly start and stop virtual machines using this tray icon.

For a detailed change log, please read more here.

Dec-06-09  VMLite Version 3.1.2 was released, the main changes are listed as below:

  • support DirectX 3D acceleration and video 2D acceleration. For example, you should be able to run Google Earth in DirectX mode, and play games with good performance
  • fix mouse wheel problem - mouse wheel is not working with some types of mouses in version 3.1.0
  • fix invisible mouse pointer after resuming from hibernated virtual machines
  • auto handle "Administrator" account name in other languages, e.g., use "Administrador" for Spanish version of XP Mode; use "Администратор" for Russian version, etc.
  • assign 512MB memory to vm if host has at least 2G physical memory
  • fix "Windows File Protection" when installing some apps, for example, Windows 2000 Office
  • fix some missing icons on host Start menu for virtual apps installed inside vm
  • automatically add Bridged Network Adapters to improve network performance
  • allow a user to specify a folder to store the XP Mode vm

Nov-12-2009  The first verion of VMLite, v3.1.0 was formally released. VMLite XP Mode is free for personal, academic and evaluation purpose. Registration is needed in order to get the free download.

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