VMLite Workstation Overview

VMLite Workstation is a virtualization component that allows you to run more than one operating system (OS) at the same time on a single physical computer. For example, you can simultaneously run Windows XP on a PC that is already running Windows 7. VMLite Workstation runs the operating system and applications directly on top of an existing operating system without any modification. The special environment running the unmodified OS and its applications is called a "Virtual Machine", which has features similar to a physical machine. The physical computer is usually called the "host", while the virtual machine is often called a "guest". The operating system running on the physical computer is called the "Host Operating System", while the operating system running inside the guest is called the "Guest Operating System".

The guest operating system and its applications do not really know about the "Virtual Machine", instead they "think" they are running on a real machine, due to the powerful device emulation provided by VMLite Workstation. This way, you can consider and use the "Virtual Machine" as a replacement of a a real computer to perform the usual computing tasks. In other words, VMLite Workstation instantly enables you to have access to multiple computers, saving hardware and management cost.

VMLite Workstation is based on the popular open source project, VirtualBox OSE, thanks to the VBox team for their great efforts.

We will offer a few unique features that are not available from any other virtual machine software vendors, including an unprecedented way of creating a new vm.