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VMLite VirtualApps Player Screenshots

The following screenshot shows the desktop view of a vm created by VMLite VirtualApps Player. Inside this vm, only one app, Yahoo Messenger, is installed.

You can click the Start button to show all programs, and launch them, exactly same as the Windows Start button.

VMLite VirtualApps Player Desktop view

The following screenshot shows the Files view of the same vm as above. The files lists below are those inside the virtual machine. You can note that only Yahoo Messenger is inside the Program Files folder, as this vm contains only one app. The Windows folder contains files that are trapped by the vm. All changes to the host machine are trapped like this way to a separate folder or to a virtual disk image file.

Files View of VMLite VirtualApps Player

The following screenshot shows the Programs view of the same vm as above, which lists all installed programs inside the virtual machine. These are the programs installed from the Yahoo Messenger package. To install new programs to the virtual machine is very simple, you do about the same as you do to the host machine. The only difference is that you invoke the installer from inside the vm, or click the "Start Capture" button to capture all installations.

Programs View of VMLiteApps Player