VBoot Screenshots

1, VBoot boot entry can be easily added to XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 boot manager. Below is a screenshot showing XP boot where VBoot VHD can be selected:

VBoot entry inside XP boot.ini

2,  VBoot Loader is based on GRUB2, and you can add VHD boot entries to the grub.cfg file. Shown below is a screenshot of the VMLite Boot Loader.

Screenshot of VBoot GRUB2 Loader, click to enlarge

3, The following screenshot shows Windows XP booted directly from a fixed size VHD file.

You can note the following:

(1) 2 drives are present, C: and E:
(2) C: is the drive from the virtual disk
(3) E: is from the physical disk. The virtual disk file vminidisk.dat is present in E:\
(4) the disk properties dialog shows the virtual disk is supported by our VMLite SCSI Disk driver.

Screenshot of XP booted from a VHD, click to enlarge

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