VBoot Port Driver and SDK

VBoot port driver and development kit allows you to quickly develop virtual and real disk drivers for Windows XP and above, 32- and 64- bit systems. The VBoot Port Driver (vbootport.sys) implements the latest specification by Microsoft Windows 7 storport.sys, however, vbootport.sys works well on Windows XP and above.

Sample code is included to develop a virtual disk driver. Our VBoot product uses exactly this same vboot port driver and framework to provide the best performance among different windows versions and service packs.

Developing disk drivers on Windows is very diffcult, as Windows disk port driver model is highly fragmented. Windows provides scsiport.sys and storport.sys, with differnet features depending on Windows version and service packs. On windows XP, scsiport.sys can be used, but it's slow and very difficult to use. From Windows 2003 and above, storport.sys can be used. Starting from Vista SP1, Windows storport.sys provides virtual miniport disk support. In short, you will have to deal with 3 different models to develop a good disk driver on Windows. We have spent a great deal of efforts and time to finally figure out that developing disk drivers using Windows builtin support is not the right way, and thus we have developed our own port driver. With VBoot port driver, there is only one model and one interface to follow, and it works well on Windows XP and above regardless of service pack versions.

 After purchase, you will receive the binary of vbootport.sys and a sample virtual disk drvier with source code. The sample virtual disk driver has architecture similar to our current production vboot drivers. It handles disk mounting, pnp and power states very well, and it supports virtual floppy, virtual hard disk and virtual cdrom from a raw file.